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Lifestyle By Design Homes win place in 2017 Financial Review Fast Starters!

We are thrilled to learn this week that our client Lifestyle By Design Homes has placed in the 2017 Financial Review Fast Starters list, the annual list compiled by the AFR featuring the fastest growing startup businesses in Australia. This is a fantastic achievement for Brad, Nick and the team at Lifestyle by Design and the second year running they

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Turning ordinary into Extraordinary

Normally I’d start at the beginning of a journey and talk about my experience with the client and what brought about that relationship. Today, I want to flip that around and talk about results first. A business that I worked with some time ago, grew over 20% within 8 months of working with me. Steve transitioned into becoming a Business

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Believing in the Process

Judging my the title of this blog it comes across like Alex lacked in confidence or didn’t believe in himself or something along those lines. Well, that’s not the case and I’ll explain why a little later. Thinking back at my time with him I came to realise that there were two forces behind his established building business. The first

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Planning around people

Charles liked to be called Charlie. That’s how he rolled. His business was friendly, everyone was a mate and they knew him on a first-name-basis. From the outside you’d think his business was a group of people who really liked hanging out with each other. Some of the guys had worked with Charlie for almost as long as he’d been

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Throw out the old and keep the new

Michael was ready to talk to someone. He was going through a few epiphanies in this life and had made some major changes. He was a carpenter by trade and he bought himself a business to run –  well, when I say business, he really just bought himself a job – the business stuff came later. I wanted to share

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A little bit of business therapy

When you’re busy taking care of other people its hard to look at what you need for your own self. That’s how I saw Alana and Rose. Two very capable natural therapists who were dedicated to helping their clients feel fantastic and have a new lease on life. Problem was as successful as their business was, with repeat clients, new

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A business that lives life to the full

I’ve worked with Eric many times before. He’s what I’d call a focussed, intelligent and a high energy kind of person with depth to his talents. The last time he called me was when he needed someone to share some insights to a team. The team were interested to hear about some ways they could improve together, and after having

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Serving more than one client

Jack and Linda were pretty much like most tradies that I have met. They worked hard, did the best on each job they were called out to, tidied up after themselves, and had a good service relationship with their customers. They had a couple of small customers and one major customer who brought in the majority of their income. That

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