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KC Roof Plumbing

“I started with one labourer, now I have 6 guys fulltime on the tools, a site manager, an office manager and myself”

Client: Casey Henwood
Business: KC Roof Plumbing
Industry: Roof Plumbing Industry

I started KC Roof Plumbing a little over three years ago. Basically I had to fill the gap in the market for quality and execution. My weaknesses were in all areas. I was just a “fitter” at the start I was just a “roof plumber”. And with Action Victoria I obviously didn’t know anything about business so that’s why I was there.

Since then, I’ve pretty much started with one labourer and now a few years later, I’ve got six guys on the tools and one on-site manager, an office manager and myself that works in the company from day-to-day. Prior to seeing Action Victoria I worked all the time with not much social life. And it was not so much of a ceiling I just couldn’t grow with the knowledge that I had.

I started the company to be a helicopter pilot, thinking that it would somehow free up my schedule. I would have heaps of time to be a helicopter pilot if I had my own business but it’s quite the opposite, so that’s obviously why I was with Action Victoria.

Since then, I’ve actually been able to turn the business right around and I’m actually able to take for instance, 11 weeks off at a time and go try and do my helicopter theory as a component of getting my helicopter license. Or take [time] away for a trip overseas and be a touchpoint a couple of times on emails but overall come back to a completely normal business, if not better. So I haven’t had to be on the tools for a really long time.

I’m probably up to 1.7 million in three years, and not only that, my profits have quardrupled as well, 400%. It’s so far to come I would never have done it without Action Victoria.

The 90 Day Planning session sets up your 90 days and brings everything into perspective. It shows you how much you’ve really got to do in those 90 days. Because if you leave it two weeks, three weeks, four weeks…it’s a month gone and you’re 90 days is pretty much blown out.

The only thing that drives me is having that goal or the dream, being dedicated to what you do, having enough money to support you to get into it.

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