About Us

ActionVictoria (Centre of Influence Australia)

Helping you build a business that can set you Free.

What does this mean for you? ActionVictoria aims to not only guide and teach you but to also support you through your business journey.

This means you have a professional and qualified coach supporting you through situations they've had hands on real life experience with. From One-on-One coaching and group coaching to workshops and presentations – your every business frustration can be met with an "I've been there too" from the team of coaches available to you.

  • You will achieve a business that is profitable.
  • You will have a team that runs successfully and adds value throughout the business.
  • You will finally be able to get the time back in your day to do the things you love to do.


By using ActionCOACH's proven systems and proven structure – over 26,500 businesses and their owners have been able to achieve exactly these results and more. And best of all we're not just about business…we're about people too.

Meet the team now.