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Action Victoria are conducting Business Workshops across Eastern Melbourne! We are making this year the biggest one yet. Offering business owners the chance to connect with other leaders, meet experts who have created real results for businesses and learn simple and effective techniques to power up the profits in your business straight away. Book your FREE SEATS now!

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We are launching a brand new YouTube business coaching series called One Week At A Time, presented by our very own Brett Burden! Each week Brett will share his top tips and any recurring themes taken directly from his experiences coaching business owners.

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Action Victoria Business Coaching Melbourne

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At Action Victoria, we have a group of highly experienced business coaches ready to assist business owners of small to medium sized enterprises. This multiple award winning team situated in Melbourne, comprises of Keith Collins, Brett Burden, Michael Rady and Tim Morgan. They have over 40 years of accumulated business coaching experience and an impressive client list.

In addition to many years of coaching business leaders, our coaching team have a variety of solid business experience ranging from managing and running businesses of their own to building steady sales growth. Our wealth of knowledge will provide you with the very best in today’s business practices. We have successfully assisted businesses across an array of industries and sectors including trade services, retail, engineering, corporations and manufacturing.

This week in Articles - Catching Spider Monkeys

This is a story about catching one of the cleverest, cunning, and elusive creatures in the jungle. These creatures were the spider monkeys of South America. They lived high up in the trees and were virtually impossible to catch. As the fable goes, the hunters had terrible problems trying to catch them, until one day they came up with a plan. They found several heavy containers, made a hole no bigger than the arm of the monkey into each, and placed them on the jungle floor. Inside, they put a nut. The monkeys then descended from the trees, saw the nuts in the containers. Once they grabbed the nut at the bottom of the container, their fists were too large to come out of the opening. And the container too heavy for them to carry, so instead of letting go of the nut, they just sat there. The hunters would come back the following day and simply pick them up and throw them in the bag. Freedom was just a matter letting go of the nut.

Our minds are much like spider monkeys. Clever. Decisive. Stubborn at times. Always checking, analysing and questioning. And more often than not, when our minds are made up, we can refuse to let go of a notion (or a nut) causing us to feel trapped, stuck or even disempowered.

Monkeys have choices. And we do too.

It’s pretty easy to say that all the spider monkeys had to do was to let go of the nutand run back up the tree. What if the nut was a new 3 year contract paying seven figures? Would you still hold onto the nut? Maybe. What if that seven figure contract meant your family could upgrade both cars, employ a nanny, send the kids to elite schools and buy several investment properties? It would be difficult to find a person who wouldn’t want this nut. The trap of course, is that this contract takes up 80% of your personal time including weekends. Is the sacrifice worth it?

The mind is an instrument that can justify just about any decision that fits into a world view and supports inner motivations. Motivations are powerful drivers in making up minds. They can support choices that can help us grow as people and they can also support choices that can hold us back. In the story of the spider monkeys, the monkeys were afraid of missing out on eating the nuts. And it wasn’t the nut, but the fear of losing the nut that held the monkeys captive. The mind latches onto many different devices in order to make a decision and fears can often creep in and be the basis of choices. The most common fears found in everyday life are the fears of poverty, criticism, illness, relationships breaking up, ageing, and even dying (Hill 2003, p262). Holding onto something which may or may not eventuate because of fear, can consume the mind and take the focus away from making choices (and finding choices to make). Being stuck or feeling stuck occurs when a person isn’t awarethat they can change a situation by making a different choice. And the same can be said when leading a business.

Beliefs shape behaviours and outcomes

When a Business Leader finds problems in their business they often look outward for the reason why something has gone wrong. The business may be undergoing a seasonal quiet period, the staff may all be new and require training (or retraining), the holiday season may not have attracted the high volumes of customers. As the situation worsens the Business Leader tries to make sense it by perhaps asking a spiral of questions. Should I change my products? Should I change my staff? Are my products priced competitively enough?  Should I sell my business now or wait? These are valid questions. Decisions and choices are constantly being made throughout each day of running a business.

Turning around a business does require business knowledge and nouse, and it also requires a strong mental position from its leader. This type of leader is one who is aware of their personal constraints, who knows that the business is, in part, a reflection of who they are and what they personally stand for. In small to medium sized businesses the Business Leader is the highest point of major decision making so how that person thinks matters. A lot. Finding which nuts (mental beliefs and styles) we are holding onto is almost as equally as important as finding which parts of the business needs improving.

Shifting mental positions takes courage, and the ability to see that leaders can be a source of constraint is an invaluable step toward driving the business into the future. Thinking differently about a business could mean the difference between a five figure profit margin or six figure profit margin.

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