Human Resources


How do you choose the RIGHT person to employ every single time?

One of the biggest challenges that all business owners face is finding the right people to join their team. And make no mistake – your business is a team, and you need the right mix of personalities and expertise to get the best results across all areas.


Frogs and Rewards

It was Mark Twain who was first quoted as saying “eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you for the rest of the day”. Fast forward to today – we don’t have easy access to live frogs, but we do have the need to avoid equally unpleasant things. You’ve found your frog when you can

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Paying heed to Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety now more regularly referred to Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S). It’s the responsibility of both the Business Owner or Manager/Supervisor and the staff themselves to ensure that risks are eliminated and minimised, advice, information and training is given and shared and a host of other measures are in place for a safe workplace. That includes putting

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Team KPI’s

The valuable assets in a business go beyond tending to the equipment, inventory, the bricks and mortar. The people within a business, no matter what role they perform, are the most valuable asset of them all. Without a team of people, the business doesn’t function. It would be difficult to run a business if there aren’t people available to answer

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Review your greatest assets

Businesses which run without its owner have two distinctive qualities. The first one is that there are proper systems and structures in place and the second is that it’s people are also provided with those same structures, with the added bonus of being the business’ greatest asset. A terrific example is from the Virgin empire, whose very foundations have always

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Creating Company Culture

How do the leading businesses create great company cultures that foster high levels of teamwork and peak performance? And how can we create the same levels within our own environments? When approaching these questions we tend to reflect on our personal business relationships, how we worked those out, where we fit into a team in the past (or didn’t fit

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Introduction to DISC

When we have a job to do and we experience people who we perceive are interrupting us, slowing us down, diverting our attention or just plain getting in the way of what we set out to achieve, it can prove to be frustrating and unproductive use of our time. Finding out how to motivate and discipline ourselves so that we

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Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts Staff Entitlements Core Agreement Information All staff that are employed in any organisational size are covered by the basic rights set out in the Australian Fair Work Act 20091 in the National Employment Standards (NES). There are a number of entitlements all staff are given by the NES. The casual employees base set of entitlements are: (i) unpaid

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