Does it make sense to stop marketing during COVID-19?

A surprising number of small business owners have told us they think they should put their marketing on hold due to the COVID-19 disruption. The reasoning goes, they need to conserve cash to survive the lean spell and marketing is pretty pointless when everything has stopped. Yes, conserving cash is always a sound strategy. But no marketing? Bad idea! Over

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 Small businesses with a solid pricing strategy can still be perplexed with the concept of discounting. The advantages are obvious – the business attracts a high volume of customers in a short period of time and builds a customer base responsive to price. The disadvantages however, are many, starting with the larger businesses and mass retailers able to sustain

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Mastering the 4 spheres of business – Marketing

This week we wrap up our series of articles on how to master the 4 spheres of your business with the cornerstone area of Marketing.


Find your point of difference – it’s the key to small business success

When a business is asked “what is your point of difference” the real question is “what is it about your product/service/business that is worth attention”. Why should your customer choose you over your competitors that provide a similar service? There has to be a reason, a hook or a story.


Have you got a Content Marketing Plan for your small business in 2018?

It is no secret that Marketing is a crucial driver in every business… and one of the key elements of your marketing plan is your content. Content Marketing isn’t something that only the ‘big companies’ do anymore, it is an important part of your strategy regardless of your business size or budget. In fact, the smaller your business and the

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2018 Consumer Trends affecting Small Business – No. 4 Technology

As we wrap up our final article on the Mintel 4 consumer trends for 2018, we look at technology and how it brings our lives in sync in this modern world. There is no doubt these trends will affect small business owners and the way you do business, so we are going to help you stay at the forefront of

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2018 Consumer Trends affecting small business – No 2. Value

This month we are breaking down the 4 consumer trends for 2018, as released recently by Mintel. There is no doubt these trends will affect small business owners and the way you do business, so we are going to help you stay at the forefront of business and planning by breaking it down.


2018 Consumer Trends affecting small business – No.1 Trust

Leading market intelligence agency Mintel has released their 4 consumer trends for 2018, and there is no doubt these trends will affect small business owners and the way you do business. They believe consumers are feeling uncertainty and in 2018 will be “attuned to trends across Transparency & Trust, Value, Self-care and Automation.”


5 Tips to making content easy for your website and social media

Do you find it hard to create content for your website and social media? Content is more important than most people realise – it helps people find your website through SEO, it grows your brand on social media, and establishes you as the expert in your field. It also helps you build a good relationship with your audience and brings

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Top 5 tips for Leveraging Online Marketing in Small and Medium Business.

Online marketing and social media can seem like a minefield for business owners, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

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