Mastering the 4 spheres of business – Marketing

This week we wrap up our series of articles on how to master the 4 spheres of your business with the cornerstone area of Marketing.


53% of business owners don’t have an Exit Plan – don’t let it be you!

According to an article published today on, half of SME owners have no plan in place to exit their business, potentially paving the way for broken dreams and financial hardship later in life.


You don’t have to work forever!

Have you been thinking over this holiday period that it would be nice to spend more time with your family? Or perhaps travel more, or retire early and spend more time doing the things you love? Sounds good, doesn’t it? But if you’re a business owner it’s not always that easy.


Why wait for a used-by date to start planning to live your best life?

As Business Coaches we talk a lot about the importance of planning, and whilst it’s not always a “sexy” subject, there is no question that the most successful business owners put plans in place and then implement those plans to succeed.


10 Reasons why you need to start Planning now!

The new year is only 18 days away. Eight… Teen…. Days. So how’s your planning going for your business in 2018? Have you got your Marketing and Sales plans in place ready to start the new year with a bang? Have you got your financial plans in place to make sure you have a good cash flow and then a

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Working ON Your Business… not IN your business

So often we meet business owners who say they are working harder than ever before – doing quotes, working on site, managing people… and yet they can’t understand why their business isn’t growing.


How is your Work / Life Balance?

Work Life Balance can often feel like an elusive goal that we strive toward but never actually reach, but as the great John Lennon once said, “life is what happens when you are busy making plans.” Wellbeing and balance in life are not a destination, but a journey…. it is the actions you take along your journey that make you

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The Cycle of Business and Planning

Knowing where a business is and where it needs to be, forms only the start understanding this week’s topic. The ideal cycle of business has an owner, that is, a person or persons, who are responsible for the business as an entity and who have taken on the risk for operating that business. The owner then invests time to build

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Writing Down Goals

There is something that no one tells you at school – when you write down a goal you are more likely to actually do it. To back this theory up a study conducted by Harvard to find out why 3% of its graduates made ten times more money after they graduated than the other 97%(1). One of the primary reasons

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