Better Living Products

Wayne McDermott of Better Living Products speaks about Action Victoria Business Caoching and his experiences with Business Coach Michael Rady

Why did you use Action Victoria?

"Lack of clarity in the roles my business partner and I had, we seemed to cross over each other all the time and nobody had responsibility for anything, so we were looking for something to give us direction.
It was hard with two people who weren't on the same page, we didn't know our numbers.

I've chosen to put a team around me who are mature age, been there done that people. They all have a job description, they all have KPI's and they are judged against it. Once the roles were defined you could nail somebodies foot to the floor - I could have my foot nailed to the floor so there was no escaping accountability."

What is the most important thing you have got from your coach?

"Confidence, confidence to make the big decisions, it’s too easy to procrastinate when you're on your own.. Aim low, go low. Now we aim high, go high.

Results are in numerous ways, sales results we've grown the business maybe 6-700%, we've actually created a business now - something that I could pass on to my kids or something I could sell on."

How do you feel about your coaching experience?

"Best decision I ever made, I just couldn't... If you're working on your own in a small business, to have that professional advice around numbers, about staff, about direction of the business, opportunities for growth and just somebody to stand beside you I think is just awesome."

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