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“What global financial crisis ? My business is going through the roof!! 
I need bigger premises& more people!

George Toth – Mlight Australia Pty Ltd


George Troth from MLight talks about his experiences with Business Coaching from Action Victoria and Michael Rady

"The business was a bit of a mess at the time, staffing issues was a major dilemma for me, recruiting was a major dilemma and it is really the backbone of any business.
Not many businesses devote enough time to training their staff members and their team.. We do 90 day planning sessions with the top team and I have ten people within that top team. It's a very costly exercise to have ten people devoted for a day just for planning sessions. Action has made me realise the importance of that."

What have been some of the results of working with Action Victoria?

"We have gone from a small business to a medium sized business, we have gone from somewhere less than a million to over five million. Action has taught me that you need to have a well-balanced life in order to be successful.
The biggest benefit for me personally has been the mentoring.

I believe if we hadn't come across Action Coach and we hadn't taken Action Coach on board that it would have taken us a considerably longer period to get to where we want to get to get to."

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