Ringwood Vet

Client: Kim Mizzi
Business: Ringwood Vet
Industry: Veterinary Industry

When I first met Brett I wasn’t convinced that there was anything he could do for me as I already had a reasonably good business and didn’t really feel like he was going to tell me anything I didn’t already know (now recognised as arrogance and resignation).

However, in a very short space of time, he was able to identify the critical areas of the business that needed attention and then supported me in taking action, even though I had been dragging my feet for years in those areas.

The most important was employing a new vet so that I could spend more time working on the business (rather than in it), and spending more time with my son. Recruitment is not one of my strong points… I’d tried to do this in the past and after a weak response to my ad and attracting the wrong applicants, I had given up. However, within in days of Brett identifying this and with his help, we had placed an ad, received a number of applications and 4 weeks later, the fantastic, perfect for the job, new vet started.

This has been priceless to me, as I know that I can now move the business forward with confidence without having to compromise on precious family time. Brett is a wealth of knowledge and valuable resources and I will be forever grateful for the impact Brett has made not only on my business, but my quality of life.

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