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As a business owner you may like to brush up on a certain area, or be reminded of actions you have placed in the bottom of your in-tray. When you register and take part in a workshop of your choice you’ll gain the essential tools and knowledge to propel your business into the next stage.

Our workshops run at key times throughout the year and are suitable to business owners who are seeking the use practical ready-to-tackle plans across a variety of business and personal development topics.

Our core business workshops are:

The full list of workshops that you can choose from is:

Also, our client coaching and mentoring programs have an added benefit of gaining free access to all our workshops throughout the duration of your coaching. If you are interested in our business coaching and mentoring programs please contact us 1300 971 763.

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Upcoming Workshops

Check out all the events and workshops held at the Action Victoria Training Centre, Burwood East, Victoria.
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Get a comprehensive report on your business based on this simple questionnaire. Assess the health of your business and target those much needed areas for improvement.
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