Essential Services

"When we started we turned over less than $1mil, now we turnover $5mil+ and I don’t have to be here very much."

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Security & Data

“We have had well over 100% growth in 12 months”

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Architectural Steel, Metalwork and Glazing

“We are turning over about $3.5 million a month”

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Electrical and Plumbing

"We just did our figures for the month and we have a gross profit higher than [all] last year"

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Building and Construction

“we’ve signed up 2.5 million dollars worth of work and I attribute a fair amount of that to Action Victoria”

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Design & Manufacturing

“[our] biggest getting the right people in the right spots”

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Document Management

“[coaching] not only focuses you on your business but focussed you on all of your life“

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"I haven’t been on the tools at all and I spend at least 2 days a week working on the business"

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"we've grown over 600%.... we've actually created a business that I could pass on to my kids"

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"I used to be all things to all people, we now have clarity..
We've even established second business after identifying a new niche. "

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"We have grown from $1mil turnover to over $4 mil and I have more time to holidays without the stress of whats happening on jobs."

See Brenda and Adam's story


"Coaching has been priceless as I know I can move the business forward with confidence without having to compromise on precious family time"

See Kim's story


"We now have consistency in our turnover and workload and I get more time to spend with my family."

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"We have gone from a yearly profit of $580K in the year we started working with Keith to a profit of more than $1M for the first six months of this year, Keith’s insight and contribution to our company has been invaluable. He doesn’t beat around the bush,The results speak for themselves."

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"we were in a mess..... now we have grown from less than a million to over five million and with that I now have balance in my life.. without Action Victoria it would have taken us a considerably longer to get to where we wanted..."

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SEO Specialist

"I knew about business but Keith has actually helped me to be able to run the business properly as a small business and grow. We've gone from two or one when I first started working with Keith to two and now were up to seven people and expanding - we'll probably have ten people by the end of this year."

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Professional Services

"200 % growth, Better staff management and larger profits "

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"Gone from 700k turnover to well over 3 mill in just 8 months"

See Bryce's story


"Having a Coach forces you to actually do what you need to do for your business - and to get that accountability for us was the key."

See Kim and Danni's story


"Profits are higher than ever. Business and personal life is a hell of a lot better now"

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"We’re delighted with the progress that we have made, it’s given us and the business a new direction, he’s very personable."

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Office Supplies

"The way our business looks feels and runs today as opposed to 2 years ago is vastly different, a lot of the credit for this must go to Keith Collins, our Business Coach. There is little doubt that Keith has given us the drive, and enabled us to find the motivation to take our business and our lives to the next level."

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Trade Plumbers

"Keith has been a god sent for us, we definitely needed help, he has help us free up time to develop the business."

See Brett, Jay and Paul's story

IT Support

"we actually merged with another company, so helped us a lot with transition ie a lot of staff out and right people in... then improved management styles. Action Victoria has helped us with our marketing techniques....""

See Shaun's story

Real Estate Photography

"We'd reached a stage after 15 years where we had reached a ceiling and just wern't growing anymore - Action Coach gave us the confidence and accountability we needed."

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