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Each week we bring you 5 business articles from all areas of business and personal development that we think you’ll find helpful, informative, enlightening, or sometimes just funny.

Here is this week’s news:

ATO reveals benchmarks on business performance

In a bid to help SMEs compare their operational costs and expenses with others in the industry, the Tax Office has unveiled a detailed benchmarking tool using annual tax data.

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Learn how to master the basics of Marketing in your business

In the final article of the “Mastering the 4 spheres of business” series, the team at Action Victoria demystify marketing in 5 steps.

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My Business News shares 7 ways to slash your operating expenses…fast.

Take a look through these seven methods of delivering tangible costs savings for your business and see where you could make a cut for the better.

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Millennials are reshaping global business 

Australian millennials are killing industries with their strange habits — this is what they like the least

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The overthinkers guide to taking action

With goals and projects it’s easy to get stuck too long in the thinking and planning phase. Don’t overthink. Do.

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