90 Day Planning

Take control of your future with this workshop. Designed for business owners with the option of bringing key team members achieve more in 90 days than other businesses could achieve in a year! If you are after a clear direction and achievable goals this is a terrific workshop for your business.

  • Running every 3 months you’ll work alongside experts to gain new tools
  • Develop your own Massive Action Plan to keep you on track and moving forward.
  • Learn from other business leaders and their successes over the past 90 days.

Sales made Simple

Could your business benefit from more “closed sales”? If your answer is a resounding yes, then sales training would be one of the best investments that you can make for your business. Create a sales team that’s feels confident in how, when and what to say including handling many different objections.

  • Learn the art of turning prospects and inquiries into clients and customers,
  • Create a selling system and selling team that can work for your business structure and;
  • See the four main personality types sell themselves!

 Business Mastery

Take part in this Master Class to deep dive into your business, from beginning with your mission/vision to exploring your world detailing potential growth strategies. Take your seat at the table alongside other business leaders and hear about their stories and experiences. Join Business Mastery and become one of the very best at managing your business.

  • Specialist class taken together with other high level business owners
  • Improve your reporting, operations, planning, scheduling and more
  • Discover ways to approach your financial position in profitability and margins

DISC Performance Profiling

Have you ever wondered what makes people tick? This workshop explores the demands a job places on teams and how they can better respond to each other. A great companion to the Recruitment workshop, DiSC Performance Profiling explains that behaviour on-the-job can differ but the core preferences you’ll learn, remain constant.

  • Create better teams and recruit new team members with ease
  • Receive a detailed DiSC Profile report and compare your traits with your teams
  • Learn to identify each style and how they work with each other

Power your Business

Ever wondered how you could work less, get paid more, and have regular holidays? We have the answer! Attend the next Power your Business workshop to learn the 5 Keys ways to leverage your people, systems, technology and marketing to achieve your business dreams. Book today!

  • Learn to approach a new formula made from 5 Key areas
  • Turn your profit statement into a star performer each month
  • Monitor, assess and adjust your profit strategies

Marketing Plan

Response rates, exposure, USP, layout and copy. If these are unfamiliar words to you it’s time to hashtag #make my marketing work. Jump straight into this one day interactive workshop and get stuck in, refine your message and gain maximum results from your marketing spend.

  • Explore how to create messages and advertising that can sell
  • Assess and improve your businesses current marketing methods
  • Learn principles and techniques of positioning your business in the marketplace

Financial Mastery

Financial specialists will help you see the whole picture of the financial landscape in your business. Take control of your finances with in-depth information and techniques. Conquer the number 1 problem facing business owners – financial management. Join this workshop and know your numbers!

  • Analyse your cash flow cycle and the basis for your margins
  • Review your balance sheet and profit & loss statement
  • Determine and uncover hidden areas of profitability


Looking for long term staff? Trying to find a great match to your roles goes beyond placing an ad and conducting interviews. This workshop can be taken on its own and is also a companion to the DiSC workshop. This comprehensive session assists you to attract the best employees for your business.

  • Build a picture of your ideal candidate for your position – use DiSC and role definitions
  • Draft winning recruitment ads and attract a better fit for what you need
  • Learn the best in interview and selection processes


The wheels still need to remain oily for your business to run. Why not look at the mechanics of your business so there is less elbow grease from you and your staff and more customer interactions. This workshop looks at the different systems that you use to operate your business and how you could make them work more efficiently.

  • Review your IT and methods, such as billing
  • Make fulfilling a customer transaction smoother
  • Find ways to reduce costs and increase efficiencies

Marketing Made Simple

Marketing and social media can seem like a minefield for business owners, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated! We will show you how to Brand your business effectively, reach your target audience, improve your online presence and much more. Let us Make Marketing Simple for you!

  • Build a better brand
  • Reach your target audience
  • Grow your online presence
  • Create great content

Planning Club

Does your business have a great vision and amazing ideas for the future? Put all of them into practise by joining the Planning Club. This two day intensive workshop will give you a fully comprehensive, professional Business Plan with everything a business needs to use to accelerate and facilitate every objective and every goal.

  • Participate in a 2 hour briefing session followed by a 2 day intensive workshop
  • Professional Business Plan ready to use in investments, banking and management
  • Be shown through 19 major business areas and how to maximise their viabilities


The original DiSC Performance Profiling workshop was all about what DisC is, answering the question of what makes people tick and explaining why behaviour on-the-job can differ. The next level specialised workshop, DiSC II, goes even deeper and looks into how we impact ourselves and others behaviours. Taken together with other Business Leaders and Business Owners, you will:

  • Learn to identify each behavioural style and how they work with each other
  • Identify triggers of the types of behaviours to improve
  • How to go about changing and improving key behaviours that may be holding you back

DiSC II workshop requirement: all participants must have a DiSC assessment profile report. You’ll make specific references to elements of your report during the workshop. If you don’t have one ask your coach.


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