90 Day Planning – Workshop


22nd January 2019: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm,
Registration 7:30 am


Morning tea, buffet lunch, tea and coffee provided


The Mulgrave Country Club, Wheelers Hill, VIC 3150


Mark Parow, Managing Director of Coachair & ex CEO of Natrad

A guided planning session modelled on the habits and practices of some of the world’s greatest business leaders.

Here's what you'll do:-

  • Take quality time out to work on your business, away from the distractions.
  • For inspiration, listen to guest speaker Mark Parow. Mark will be sharing planning secrets that have powered his hugely successful career in manufacturing and helped him grow several multi-million dollar businesses.
  • Revisit what's really important to your business and personal life
  • Review your recent progress towards key milestones
  • Use this carefully structured planning session to create clarity around all those key areas of your business you’re ignoring right now, such as: -
    • Digital marketing
    • Recruitment
    • Training
    • Financials
    • Customer service
    • Sales
  • Eliminate the two most common enemies of good planning - feelings of overwhelm and procrastination.
  • Come away with a concise, easy-to-follow to-do list for the next three months that will help you push through those key sticking points.
  • Hear how other business owners have used planning sessions like this to overcome their biggest challenges and surpass their own expectations
  • Bounce ideas off other business owners and draw on them for ideas and inspiration.

About Guest Speaker, Mark Parow

Mark is a gun in the world of manufacturing and structuring profitable businesses. If anyone can tell you a thing or two about effective planning, he’s your man.

He’s been the architect of two fabulously successful management buyouts:

  • Most recently, multinational Coachair, which supplies air conditioning to the bus coach and airline industries.
  • Prior to that, Natra, the parent company of automotive radiator specialist Natrad.

Currently Managing Director of Coachair and part owner of the world’s largest maker of weather radar systems, Mark has also served as a senior executive at companies such as Dulux, Stanley and Nylex.

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